Outsourcing critical data networks pays off: Taxi Point customer story

Taxi Point is a company whose services are used by many, even if they may not notice it. Taxi Point offers control services and technical infrastructures for taxi traffic, entrepreneurs and event organisers. The most familiar of these is Helsinki Airport, where Taxi Point is responsible for controlling the taxi traffic of the entire airport. The company ensures that licensed taxis can easily drive into the airport area and exactly where customers need them.

Taxi traffic control requires effective, reliable and stable network solutions. Taxi Point has built a comprehensive local network at Helsinki Airport, ensuring that the booms open at the right time and requests for taxis run smoothly. The complex taxi traffic of the entire airport and its smoothness depend entirely on the operation of the local area network – if it fails, no taxi will be able to move around the area and customers will not get the service they need. Accordingly, the round-the-clock availability of the network is the foundation of everything, and there can be no delays in the repair of any faulty devices. That is why Taxi Point chose Itaito to be responsible for the 24/7 monitoring of the critical network equipment at the airport. In the event of disruption of the network services, Itaito will be there to repair the fault within four hours at the latest.

Taxi Point has one IT employee, who takes care of the functioning of the entire network infrastructure. To this end, he has decided to rely on Itaito to bring help in areas requiring special expertise and share the burden of on-call responsibility for network failure situations. “When you get older, you can no longer be on call for faults every night and weekend. I chose Itaito as my partner, which greatly reduced my own burden. It also helped that I was able to transfer things requiring a great deal of expertise to Itaito’s experts, so I can concentrate 100% on my own work,” says Jussi Taskinen, Head of ICT at Taxi Point.

Taxi Point became Itaito’s customer in a typical way. Everything started with one equipment breakdown that required urgent repair, for which Jussi quickly received expert help from Itaito. The cooperation proved good from the outset, and so Taxi Point has gradually transferred more of its services to Itaito. Itaito started out by monitoring a few network devices, but is now also responsible for Taxi Point’s Microsoft 365 licensing and Microsoft 365 environment development.

“A bit over a year ago, we gave up our own virtual environment, which had been in use for nine years. In connection with this, we took capacity services from Itaito, then communications services, and finally we transferred our entire server infrastructure to Itaito’s data centre. Itaito provides Taxi Point’s capacity services from the highest-security server room. The data centre connection was implemented with a fault-tolerant L2 Metro Ethernet connection and data security with an individualised firewall service. The centralisation has been easy, since the cooperation has been going really well for years now. In particular, Itaito’s staff has convinced us by being able to communicate smoothly and clearly with the customer in addition to their expertise at all levels,” Taskinen says.

The services that Itaito provides to Taxi Point are critical for the company’s operations. The local area network also includes a control system with RFID authentication and database control in a complex package. There are many moving parts that are necessary to make the number of taxis meet the customer needs. There is no room for interruptions, and there have been none since the transfer to Itaito. “Throughout this period, the predictability of risks in services has been excellent. There have only been a few interruptions, and even they were planned and known in advance. Even if unexpected network downtime does not affect a business-critical area, it can still create significant image problems,” Taskinen says.

Itaito’s Sales Manager Ronny Forssell says that the aim of the cooperation has been to bring peace of mind to the key personnel of companies from the start. “If something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed immediately, whether it’s midnight or Christmas Eve. We are able to react to network problems 24/7 if necessary, and companies don’t need to use their own resources for on-call services. In addition, outsourced IT services free up the company’s resources for other activities and their development, while we make sure that the network connections and devices are up to date and running smoothly,” Forssell says.

Jussi Taskinen especially thanks Itaito for the continuous development and reliability of the IT environment. “There hasn’t been a situation where things haven’t been improved. Even when I’ve thought that something has been overlooked, the matter has been understood and taken care of immediately. Business continuity is extremely important to us, and I always have confidence in Itaito’s excellence.”

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Outsourcing critical data networks pays off: Taxi Point customer story

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