What does IT as a Service mean?

The importance of a functioning IT environment for business can’t be overemphasised. It must never slow down business, but facilitate and support it. At Itaito, we want to help companies focus on developing their own business, and we provide our customers with all the necessary IT functions easily and cost-efficiently as a service. We are a partner that provides services as needed, from individual to comprehensive IT solutions. We will give you everything you need: devices, communications links, cloud services, backups, network services and expert services. We would like to introduce a few of our services and their benefits here.

Clear benefits of IT services:

  • Free up significant resources for developing your own business
  • Cost savings
  • Clarification and enhancement of the IT environment
  • Continuous development of the IT services and environment
  • Ease of use
  • Clear documentation of the IT environment
  • Quick help with IT issues every day of the year
  • Risk diversification
  • The industry’s best IT experts at your disposal
  • Increase the company’s productivity and competitiveness
  • Significantly reduce the amount of IT investments
  • Constantly evolving high-quality data security

Support services

Many companies allow employees to solve small IT problems independently. Some people have no problems doing this, but it is quite appropriate to ask: what is the employees’ most important job that they should really be focusing on? Unfortunately, solving IT challenges takes precious working time, causes interruptions and slows down the actual important work.

Itaito’s TOP 5 support requests in 2020:

  • Forgot password
  • VPN connection not working
  • Network printer missing
  • E-mail not opening
  • Sounds not working in Teams

Does that ring a bell? Don’t worry, Itaito will help!

Our high-quality technical support (Service Desk) will serve you every day of the year in all problems. We can provide remote help quickly or come to the site to solve problems that can’t be solved remotely. For each support request, we will also open a ticket, a work request that shows, among other things, who has been helped, what has been the challenge and how the matter has been resolved. Our customers can monitor support requests and their progress in real time. Of course, our service always includes comprehensive monthly reporting, so we and our customers can monitor any recurring support requests and, based on this, think about better and more functional IT solutions for companies.

Cloud services

Most companies use different servers to run software or save files. However, separate servers increase the company’s costs surprisingly much. In many cases, companies also overlook ancillary costs included in equipment purchases, such as electricity, air conditioning, updates, monitoring, data security and licensing. In addition to these, someone still needs to service and maintain the equipment, and it also needs to be replaced from time to time.

However, server capacity can be easily and flexibly purchased as a cloud service at a monthly price. The customer does not have to worry about any practical matters, but Itaito provides the necessary server capacity as a service. We always offer servers tailored to your specific needs, so that you don’t pay extra or get excessively powerful servers. In addition, we perform backups with modern and fully automated software.

Have your company’s servers seen their last summer?

Network services and communications links

Without the Internet, there’s no business, it’s that simple. A functional and secure Internet connection and network equipment are the most critical IT function of each company. We provide our customers with stable, correctly dimensioned and cost-efficient communications links that are the fastest on the market.

Unfortunately, denial-of-service attacks, viruses and hijacking software are common today. The best way to deal with these problems is constantly evolving, high-quality data security. An essential part of data security is network devices, which you can also easily obtain from Itaito as a service. We always ensure the functionality, security, updates, licensing and support of network equipment. Surprisingly many companies still use network equipment intended for home use or last updated five years ago. It is always a great security risk and, in the worst case, the company’s valuable and confidential information gets in the wrong hands.

Itaito has the best network experts in Finland. Our network and communications customers are guaranteed not to suffer from interruptions or problems!

Expert and business development services

Has your company considered IT operations from the perspective of business development? If not, we have!

With modern IT services, we are able to bring significant added value to the company by, among other things, increasing efficiency and cost savings and using more accessible comprehensive IT solutions. Regardless of the sector, these are clear competitive advantages for the company.

Wouldn’t you like your IT systems to work better and more efficiently, so that employees could do their jobs more productively? And, best of all, would you also like lower prices than your competitors, saving money for developing other operations?

Our state-of-the-art IT expertise combined with the identification of business development opportunities guarantees each of our customers a long-term business development path. We will create a development plan and clear goals towards which we will work together. We hold regular service meetings and report to our customers as they wish, so that the development continues throughout the journey. We are genuinely interested in our customers’ business.

Let’s grow together!

What is IT as a Service?

IT and ICT mean pretty much the same thing. It is an essential part of the work environment and business, and the good news is that it is also easy and very sensible to outsource. You don’t need to have complicated thoughts about the IT environment – just tell us what your business needs, and we’ll deliver it to you at a competitive price and handle the hassle on your behalf. With the help of Itaito’s top experts and the best customer satisfaction in Europe, we can easily offer our services either individually or as an overall package even for challenging business needs.

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What does IT as a Service mean?

The importance of a functioning IT environment for business can’t be overemphasised. It must never slow down business, but facilitate and support it. At Itaito, we want to help companies focus on developing their own business, and we provide our customers with all the...

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