Hepacon updated its IT environment with the help of Itaito

Hepacon Oy is a well-known Finnish construction engineering company. In recent years, the company has developed its ICT environment extensively to enable its business to grow rapidly and thrive in the current fierce competition. Succeeding in both goals is not self-evident, but selecting Itaito as a partner has greatly facilitated the work.

“When I joined Hepacon some years ago, it was obvious that major changes had to be made to the IT environment. I had been cooperating with Itaito for close to 10 years and had a lot of confidence in their skills. I did not need to think twice about which company I would choose as a partner when updating the entire environment,” says Jouko Väätäinen, ICT Manager at Hepacon. Hepacon already had a small-scale partnership with another company, but there was now need for more comprehensive expertise and partnership.

Even the ICT Manager needs a holiday every now and then

As the ICT Manager, it was important for Väätäinen not to make the mistake that many of his colleagues have: the IT environment is so complicated and reliant on manual work that it is easy to become so involved that taking a holiday becomes impossible. It was therefore important for him to find a trustworthy and supportive partner for the maintenance, monitoring and continuous development of the company’s IT environment. “At first, my job was all about putting out fires. I quickly discovered that this could not continue, and we began determined reform work with Itaito. We started by reviewing Hepacon’s actual business and IT environment development needs and by determining the direction in which we wanted to take the whole environment. The actual work was carried out in stages: first, we transitioned to Microsoft 365, then carried out email migrations, and finally started to transfer our network drives and servers. There is still work to be done, but on the other hand, the IT environment is always a work in progress. We have already managed to automate many tasks that used to be done manually,” Väätäinen says with satisfaction.

Breaking away from the old environment can be tricky, but with the help of Itaito, everything has gone well. Itaito was able to correctly survey the environment and possible challenges ahead, and plan in advance how migrations and necessary tests should be carried out, ensuring that the implementation process ran smoothly at the time of the actual migration.

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Efficient working end-users are satisfied

Itaito was a valued partner in the renewal process, both in the preparation of the implementation plan and during the work itself. “Even though I may have had the skills to carry out many of the tasks, I simply did not have the time. The project schedule would have certainly lagged behind. We now managed to get the VPN connection and Microsoft 365 environment running just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so we were prepared to shift to remote work when the need came. With our old environment, this would have been virtually impossible,” Väätäinen says.

End-users also welcomed the reform, as they were informed of the changes ahead well in advance. It is natural that new tools always give a little headache for end-users, but on the other hand, switching from desktop computers to high-performance laptops, creating significant improvements in remote connections and in the overall reliability of network connections quickly dispelled any suspicions. “The efficiency of our employees has improved significantly as a result of the changes. Problems that used to occur daily have now become a thing of the past and a rarity, making life much easier for the end-user. We definitely made the right changes at the right time, and the feedback has been exceptionally good.”

Itaito works for its customer

As regards cooperation with Itaito, Väätäinen particularly praises the way that the company presents solutions to the customer. Itaito does not push any particular way to operate; if the customer for one reason or another does not like the first suggestion, Itaito always comes up with a more suitable option, with the customer’s best interest in mind. Customer orientation and creating added value for the customer’s business are clearly visible in the services provided by Itaito.

“For example, our old firewall would not allow remote work, so we needed to find a new VPN solution. I felt that Itaito’s first suggestion was too extensive for our needs, and they immediately came up with another solution that was more suitable for us. We also managed to come up with a highly cost-efficient backing-up solution with the combination of software and tape backups. Itaito always looks for the optimum solutions for the customer, both in terms of costs and solutions,” Väätäinen says. In Väätäinen’s opinion, trust is a key issue when selecting an IT partner. “Without mutual trust and proper personal chemistry, the partnership will not work.”

Constantly development

Although a major renewal has just been completed, the work is far from done. Hepacon and Itaito are constantly coming up with ways of continuing to develop the environment and its data security. For example, the acquisition and recycling of workstations is a current issue in this rapidly growing company, and it is important to make it as easy as possible. The ICT sector is also constantly developing and there is simply not enough time to implement all improvements internally.

“When problems arise, I could of course try to solve them myself and google for information, but I have better ways to spend my time. By submitting a service request to Itaito, I get a solution faster, and I can spend my time on more productive work. Constant support is very important,” Väätäinen says and points out that Itaito has never let him down. “Whenever I have an urgent issue, I can always call anyone directly and relay my problem,” Väätäinen says.

Do you have any challenges in developing your IT environment, selecting an IT partner or migrating from old environments? Itaito is ready to help! Please contact us and we will bring your IT environment up to date and increase the working efficiency of your end-users.

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Hepacon updated its IT environment with the help of Itaito

Hepacon Oy is a well-known Finnish construction engineering company. In recent years, the company has developed its ICT environment extensively to enable its business to grow rapidly and thrive in the current fierce competition. Succeeding in both goals is not...

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