Itaito relies on the best experts in the Nordic countries

If you ask a random person to close their eyes and form a picture of an IT expert in their mind, they usually describe someone who hides behind a computer screen and hardly speaks a word to their colleagues – or customers. Even when they do speak, the other person can only grasp a fraction of what they are saying because of all the technical terms and acronyms flying around.

“We are aware of this stereotype and do our best to fight against it,” says Niko Virta, Technical Director at Itaito. “In addition to hard-core expertise, we expect our experts to be able to communicate with our customers in a language they understand. Technical terms are fine when speaking with other technical people, but people running business operations must be given facts in such a way that they can understand the effects that IT issues and their solutions have on their business.”


As a matter of fact, Itaito experts communicate actively with customers. They are very familiar with the company’s customers and the customers also know them well. “High-quality customer relationships are of outmost importance to us and we expect our experts to do much more than just click forward customers service requests,” Virta says. One indication of Itaito’s excellence is the fact that some of its experts provide training in globally used systems within the industry. 

Diverse expertise for various kinds of projects

The Itaito team of experts consists of top professionals, allowing the company to cater to the needs of both small and large enterprises. For smaller companies, we often produce projects affecting their entire IT environment, while projects related to one specific service entity are typically carried out for larger enterprises. Experts are also needed when transferring from a company’s own server environment to various cloud solutions, in network solutions, data security upgrades, Microsoft 365 environment change and migration projects or when exporting file-sharing to the Microsoft cloud environment. In addition to Microsoft 365 solutions and cloud transitions, Itaito also provides expert assistance in ensuring business continuity as well as in the systematic development of customers’ IT environments.

“Openness, honesty and transparency are values important to us at Itaito. We never offer our customers solutions that would be the most lucrative for us to sell, but focus on what the customer truly needs. We recommend the right equipment and services according to their suitability for the customer, and not according to the price tag,” Virta says.

One of our customers, Roger Rehnman, ICT Infrastructure Manager at Forcit Group, has also noticed this. Read his story here.

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Our experts work closely as a team

We always strive for Transparency also within the team of experts. Questions and issues are shared within the teams, as problems are much more quickly resolved together than by trying to figure them out alone. Team members are also quick to ask if they can help when they notice that a colleague is wrestling with a challenging issue. This allows us to always ensure efficient and high-quality customer experience.  Our team member’s specialised areas of expertise also come in handy when problem-solving.

“When facing major problems, it is important to keep calm. If a customer calls in distress, our expert cannot start to panic. They must first examine the situation in a composed manner and then decide on how to start to solve the problem. Hasty and unconsidered solutions can cause further damage. Communication with the customer must be timely, clear and transparent,” says Virta when listing the qualities of Itaito experts.

On-the-job learning creates Itaito experts

Communication with customers certainly is an important part of the job, but so is technological competence. “Our experts enjoy solving challenges. A good expert is someone who wants to learn something new every day, and our experts typically grow into the role through working several work tasks. Suitable training certainly does make it easier to become an expert, but true competence only comes from experience: doing the job and learning new things. This is an industry that constantly requires learning new things and practice.”

Itaito therefore encourages long career paths and planning them already in the early stages of employment. Itaito currently employs people who started their career at the Service Desk then started taking services requests related to servers, for example, and eventually moved through junior level to become a part our team of experts. People who used to be mentored have now become the mentors themselves. “Our goal is to find people who can talk to our customers, have a solid technical background and who are also a good fit to Itaito’s unique working culture. The rest is up to the employee! We give everyone the opportunity to grow into the role that interests them,” Virta concludes.

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Itaito relies on the best experts in the Nordic countries

If you ask a random person to close their eyes and form a picture of an IT expert in their mind, they usually describe someone who hides behind a computer screen and hardly speaks a word to their colleagues – or customers. Even when they do speak, the other person can...

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