World-class Service Desk = the highest customer satisfaction in Europe

It is important for any company to have well-maintained data networks, good network equipment, reasonably sized servers and IT infrastructure generally in order. However, the IT service that the end-users really care about and the one they are most in contact with is the Service Desk. If the Service Desk fails to provide professional support and assistance quickly when needed, considerable amounts of time will be wasted and the customer’s satisfaction with the service provider will drop rapidly. We have also at Itaito understand this. We do not view the Service Desk as a necessary function, but rather as an opportunity to create considerable added value for our customers.

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All high end IT support under one roof

The Itaito Service Desk is structured a little differently from your average help desk. In most cases, the Service Desk consists of first-level experts, who only handle the simplest service requests. In service requests are any more challenging are easily referred to the next level of experts, or even to an outsourced service provider, which significantly affects the resolution time of the service request. This approach is common, but slow from the viewpoint of the end-user. However, we at Itaito have invested in the competence of our first-level experts, so that most end-user problems can be solved internally and very quickly. The second thing which separates us from the normal Service Desk is that 70% of our Service Desk experts are actually second-level experts. Thanks to this, only the most complicated special requests are forwarded – but even in this case they are sent to the highest-level experts within the company and not to third parties. In this way, we can ensure quick and high-quality service.

Extensive competence

Itaito invests extensively in the competence and professional development of its Service Desk. Our Service Desk team is not a collection of individual experts from various fields, but every team member has extensive experience and competence in complex IT environments. This ensures that our high-quality customer service is not dependent on any single person. When necessary, we also train for our customers’ own special applications, so that our Service Desk is also able to provide support for them. We also have special expertise, for example, in our customers’ architecture and CAD software, graphic design applications and many other special applications.

We aim for the highest customer satisfaction in Europe

Itaito constantly measures customer satisfaction, and it is the best in Europe.  Our customer satisfaction survey always asks how well our Service Desk succeeded, and on a scale of 1 to 5, satisfaction with the end-user support is typically around 4.7. This score is affected by the fact that the end-user’s service requests need not be forwarded to several different expert levels, but can be solved directly by our Service Desk expert team. For the customer, this is reflected in a quick and high-quality service as there is no confusion and the problem does not need to be explained several times to various parties. Our high customer satisfaction rate is also an indication of the true customer-oriented service spirit of the Itaito Service Desk: problems are solved professionally so that the customer can get on with its work quickly.

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We know our customers

One of the factors behind our excellent customer satisfaction score is the permanence of the Itaito Service Desk staff. We have very low staff turnover, so our team gets to know our customers and their needs. When someone does leave the Service Desk, they usually move to another expert position within Itaito. This means that knowledge of our customers remains within the company and can be utilised extensively. One of the strengths of the Itaito Service Desk is our excellent communication: we actively communicate the needs of our customers throughout the organisation, which means that in addition to our technical departments, our sales and administration are also constantly aware of the development of our customers. We are therefore very familiar with our customers’ history and current situation, which means that we are also very able to plan for their future. Our Service Desk carefully documents all information related to the customer – not only matters related to the IT environment, but also work instructions, needed technical competence and any other information that may be important in the future.

Continuous reporting and development

No service can stand still if the goal is to keep up with the times. That is why we also develop and implement new and good reporting practices. We regularly review at service meetings the most important things agreed with our customers. Our Service Desk lets us know about the real stumbling blocks of end-users, which means that we are able to propose appropriate solutions to these issues at regular development meetings and service meetings. Itaito’s goal is to develop the customer’s IT environment as efficiently as possible so that we can minimise the number of service requests coming from customers. This allows the service to be as cost-effective as possible and customer satisfaction to remain at a very high level.

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Quality is built on job satisfaction

As previously mentioned, staff turnover at the Itaito Service Desk is extremely low. Only a few experts want to change jobs after they have started working for us. We consider cooperation and corporate culture as a matter of honour, which is also reflected in the quality of our work and customer experience. We invest heavily in the development of our employees’ competence and training. Itaito employees have a clear career path and the opportunity to constantly develop into better experts. These things are also reflected in our very high employee satisfaction rate (eNPS). These are things we want to continue to invest in as, after all, we are the leading Nordic IT service company!

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