Itaito makes sure that Louhintahiekka can work efficiently

Louhintahiekka Oy is a Finnish family company founded in 1974, which specializes in implementing demanding civil engineering infrastructure projects. Louhintahiekka provides earthmoving services and solutions reliably and efficiently. Professional, experienced and committed personnel, modern equipment and a stable network of partners ensure that Louhintahiekka completes the projects on time. Of course, all this also requires a functional ICT environment, a competent partner and hardware and software suitable for the needs of Louhintahiekka.

Itaito allows you to focus 100% on your own business

Louhintahiekka is a typical civil engineering company in that it does not have full-time in-house ICT staff. Aapo Lahtinen, Head of Accounting, is also responsible for ICT issues, but that is not his main task. Louhintahiekka decided to outsource almost all the ICT services to Itaito to leave time for own work.

“I appreciate that Itaito responds quickly to my requests. For us, it is important that the cooperation is easy and the services are simple and understandable,” Lahtinen says. Like so many other companies, The content of ICT services is not the most important thing but the fact that they support the business. In addition, the devices and connections must also work in very diverse environments.

Versatile partner

Itaito delivers all workstations to Louhintahiekka pre-installed and ready for use. Users are provided with the necessary usernames, passwords and licences. Itaito has made a selection of IT equipment suitable for the needs of Louhintahiekka, from which a suitable IT-equipment is selected for each end user according to certain criteria.. Louhintahiekka is a fast growing company, and workstations are ordered as often as weekly and, therefore, the ordering and delivery to the enduser must be as smooth and effortless as possible. Pre-selected models that have been found suitable speed up operations, eliminating the need to compare features during the order phase.

In order to ensure the smooth work for the endusers, Itaito also provides Louhintahiekka with internet connections and network services. In addition, Itaito is responsible for the end user support services for Louhintahiekka, allowing end users to contact Itaito’s service desk directly in any problem.

The most important thing, of course, when it comes to internet connections, is their functionality. Louhintahiekka uses Itaito’s backup equipment service for network devices, which means that if a network device breaks down, a new one will always be delivered no later than the next day. Device breakage does not happen often, but in such situations you may easily have to wait for new equipment for several days if you do not have a backup equipment service. Itaito guarantees that there is always a certain amount of equipment in stock to replace the broken equipment, and so the entire office does not have to be disconnected from the network for long.

Effective use of Microsoft 365 services

Creating, storing and managing data and files is difficult for many companies. In the field of earth-moving, companies often work with a large main contractor, whose ICT-environment they need to be able to join. As a solution to these problems, Louhintahiekka adopted the services covered by Microsoft 365 licences more efficiently and started storing data in the cloud. This way, the needed information is available to all users and without VPN connections.

“In many companies, Microsoft 365 services are not used efficiently enough. The licences already include cloud storage, but they still end up buying storage from third parties. We improved the utilisation of the functions included in the licences for Louhintahiekka and thus improved the efficiency of work. We were able to centralise all the data in one place and manage data security better,” says Joonas Kyytsönen, Sales Manager at Itaito.

Constant development

Louhintahiekka is satisfied not only with Itaito’s service-orientation, but also with the continuous development of the ICT-services. “Itaito proactively introduces development ideas that really meet our needs. The development issues decided at service meetings are also implemented with a firm grip,” says Lahtinen of Louhintahiekka. Being service-oriented is also important when companies want to focus on their own productive work rather than sweating over the ICT environment. The recent data security updates were found to be necessary when it was noticed that a lot of contract matters and personal data were processed by e-mail. The data security services included in the Microsoft licences brought a solution for the deficiency, the costs remained moderate, and the updates were completely remote and did not require any action on the part of the users.

“We have been very satisfied with Itaito since the beginning of our cooperation and see no reason to change service providers. Regardless of the channel through which we contact Itaito, someone always gets back to us very quickly,” Lahtinen says.

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