Itaito’s partnership supports customers in achieving strategic goals

Discussions with Itaito’s customers often highlight Itaito’s ability to take into account customers’ different needs when developing business. Itaito is praised for responding immediately to contacts and always obtaining and building the most sensible and cost-effective package, without compromising on quality (you can read about these in, for example, Trainers’ House’s and Taxi Point’s customer stories).

The customer feedback is not a coincidence, but rather the result of conscious and systematic development of both the customer management model and the employee satisfaction.

“When developing our business processes, the focus is always on creating the highest possible value for the customer. We regularly ask our customers about the functionality of our ICT services and solutions as well as how they could be made even better. Customer feedback has a major impact on the development of our business,” says Tomi Tapper, Managing Director of Itaito.

All Itaito employees focus on the customer

Customer development requires proactivity, a desire to understand the customer’s business and a constant challenge and improvement of the current processes. Starting from the Managing Director, the entire staff is in regular contact with the customers.

There is a clear reason for this: Itaito wants feedback from customers to be heard immediately, directly and without embellishment. In this way, customers’ future needs and plans are also heard in good time, and Itaito is also able to develop its own business proactively.

“The mapping of customer needs and the solving of challenges starts at the very first meeting with us. We want to hear in detail what the core of the customer’s business is, the direction of its ICT strategy and its plan for the future. We need to understand these perfectly so that we can create the maximum added value with our solutions,” says Elias Pekkala, Head of Sales at Itaito. “Our operations are always based on transparency and trust. We measure our own performance very comprehensively and review it regularly with our customers. We have a systematic customer relationship management model that enables us to guarantee a customised ICT environment development plan for each customer.”

A systematic customer relationship management model means no surprises

Itaito wants to support the customer’s success through a close customer relationship management model. We have regular service meetings where we ask and listen carefully to the company’s future plans: for example, are there plans for expansion, takeovers or internationalisation? When these issues are asked about and discussed as early as possible, we are always prepared for them, and there are no surprises – even in terms of the budget. When the need for a new London office comes to the fore, Itaito has already made the necessary preparations, and the implementation of the project itself is quick and efficient.

“Technology debt can easily result from the inability to anticipate ICT development projects at the right time. For example, if you only realise in January that the transition to cloud services should be accelerated, it may be too late for the budget, and the ICT project will be delayed by at least a year. We want to do our best to avoid such situations, which is why we listen to the customers’ business strategies with a sensitive ear and understand the topic as thoroughly as possible. This way, we are also able to say what their business goals require from the ICT environment and how the environment can be developed proactively and cost-effectively,” says Elias Pekkala.

Itaito’s strength is understanding the real needs of customers

The ICT service industry may sound complicated, but in reality there are a limited number of ways to do different things. Differences between the various actors arise in the way they handle things, not always in technological solutions.

“The basis of our operations is that we always deliver what we promise and exceed the customer’s expectations. We provide our customers with truly value-added services and solutions, which may not always be what they had first thought they needed,” says Tomi Tapper. “This is also reflected in Itaito’s customer and employee satisfaction rate, where we are consistently the best in our field. We continuously invest in the satisfaction of our staff, as committed and motivated staff serve our customers in the best possible way. The customer satisfaction figures provide strong guidance for internal development, and they have been imported as a metric for almost all business operations. We always primarily want to build long and successful customer relationships,” says Tomi Tapper.

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Itaito’s partnership supports customers in achieving strategic goals

Discussions with Itaito’s customers often highlight Itaito’s ability to take into account customers’ different needs when developing business. Itaito is praised for responding immediately to contacts and always obtaining and building the most sensible and...

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