Back Up & Disaster recovery

The backup service ensures secure storage of customer's critical data and secures business continuity. The service is available for workstations, servers and Microsoft 365 environment.


Service guarantees recovery of business-critical systems within minutes in the event of a disruption, and minimizes financial losses caused by the outage


No individual device investments, service is quick and easy to deploy.


A risk management plan made with the customer to secure critical systems, or the entire environment, guarantees business continuity in all situations.


Solution is scalable, easily manageable and can be customized for example only for the most critical servers.

Comprehensive cooperation between Trainers’ House and Itaito based on reliability and genuine partnership

“We do not have any in-house IT personnel. Our entire IT environment is outsourced,” says Chief Financial Officer of Trainers’ House, Saku Keskitalo. “But I don’t like the word ‘outsourcing’. As a word, ‘partnership’ is much better. We want our IT partner to take real...

How can you prevent the most typical data breach attempts? The first phishing attempt should already get you thinking

A data breach is the nightmare of every company. The idea that someone can steal your company’s and customers’ data, prevent you from accessing the data, or send messages on behalf of the company makes even the most hardened executive sweat. Fortunately, however, data...

Security Operations Center (SOC) – what goes on there?

We previously published a blog text about data breaches and how to prevent them (read the text here). Data breaches often take place via email, so you should take care of the data security of your email account at all times. However, sometimes, despite taking all...

”Our most significant joint project has been outsourcing the entire Nordic Service Desk to Itaito. This has required the partner to adopt a special and challenging environment and be able to work seamlessly together with the customer’s own IT support personnel. As a result of the challenging and ambitious project, we managed to build a Nordic-wide, fast and high-quality Service Desk”

Roger Rehnman

ICT Infrastructure Manager, Forcit Group Oy

”Itaito is also a partner of just the right size for us: large enough to provide sufficient services, but not so large that a company the size of Alupro would be lost among the throng of customers and would no longer receive individual service”

Jukka Hämäläinen

CEO, Alupro Oy

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