Working network environment is the lifeline of today's business. We build reliable and secure internet connections and network solutions for the company's changing business needs.


One partner for planning, implementation, surveillance and maintenance.



Itaito handles device maintenance and security updates on behalf of customer. Nationwide backup device service directly from our own warehouse. No responsibility of expiring warranties or hardware failure


Including devices, maintenance and surveillance along with control. Using these we can ensure always working Network environment for our clients. The best firewalls, switches and access points in the market at our use.


We deliver internet connections from all well-known operators cost-effectively at very high speeds. This significantly improves systems functionality and end-user satisfaction.


Working and modern remote work solutions ensure a productive work environment for our customers and enable them to work effectively regardless of location.

What should be taken into account when outsourcing a growing company’s IT services?

When a company is growing, many things need to be assessed regularly. It may be that not only the premises but also the IT environment is running out of space and begins to bind resources instead of freeing them up. What should be taken into account when planning to...

What does IT as a Service mean?

The importance of a functioning IT environment for business can’t be overemphasised. It must never slow down business, but facilitate and support it. At Itaito, we want to help companies focus on developing their own business, and we provide our customers with all the...

Outsourcing a small server environment: the project from Toshiba Tec’s perspective

Sometimes, the need for a particular IT service may be relatively small but important. This is often the case for servers: a company may not necessarily need more than a few servers, but they can be vital for business. However, the purchase and maintenance of servers...

”Our most significant joint project has been outsourcing the entire Nordic Service Desk to Itaito. This has required the partner to adopt a special and challenging environment and be able to work seamlessly together with the customer’s own IT support personnel. As a result of the challenging and ambitious project, we managed to build a Nordic-wide, fast and high-quality Service Desk”

Roger Rehnman

ICT Infrastructure Manager, Forcit Group Oy

”Itaito is also a partner of just the right size for us: large enough to provide sufficient services, but not so large that a company the size of Alupro would be lost among the throng of customers and would no longer receive individual service”

Jukka Hämäläinen

CEO, Alupro Oy

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