Security Operations Center (SOC) – what goes on there?

We previously published a blog text about data breaches and how to prevent them (read the text here). Data breaches often take place via email, so you should take care of the data security of your email account at all times. However, sometimes, despite taking all...

Sleep soundly at night, NOC is watching over for you

The IT world is full of acronyms, one of which is NOC. We have already written about SOC, Security Operations Center, (read the blog text here), and NOC (Network Operations Center) is closely related to it. The Network Operations Center, or control room, monitors the...

Itaito relies on the best experts in the Nordic countries

If you ask a random person to close their eyes and form a picture of an IT expert in their mind, they usually describe someone who hides behind a computer screen and hardly speaks a word to their colleagues – or customers. Even when they do speak, the other person can...

“Straightforwardness and efficiency are seen in the numbers as cost reductions.”

Itaito’s service attitude is great. Things are talked about directly, which helps to find solutions to things that need improvement. The people in charge are also available whenever needed. Outsourcing had a positive impact both operationally and financially – the measurable benefit is reflected in reduced costs.

Lotta Mäkelä
Juuranto Group Oy

“Our customer relationship with Itaito is healthy and prosperous. As well as just the right size.”

We have realized, that a big-size company may not provide the best possible service, if our share of their business is zero-comma-something. Itaito is the right size partner for us – and seems like we for them. Initially, we were looking for expertise, understanding customer needs, agility and reliability from Itaito. Subsequent cooperation has shown that when things are done properly, many euros are saved.

Jari Malmberg

“You get what you order. From Itaito, we have ordered functional solutions that meet our needs.”

At the time we chose Itaito on the basis of an overall evaluation, when we compared what we can get from where, with what money and how the system offered meets our needs. Today, we order from Itaito almost all the most complex entities, which the delivery requires expertise. We ended up choosing Itaito because of their people. Of course, experts always cost, but Itaito’s price level is right in this respect.

Olli Siltanen
Manager, ICT
QPR Software Oy

“Machines can be found anywhere on the shelf. We need expertise and service beside it.”

Itaito has been our equipment supplier mainly on the network side, for over 10 years. Our collaboration began with network security. Today, the key products and services we order from them are backup, firewalls and security devices. Itaito has responded to our most bizarre needs with flexibility. They don’t sell products in bulk, but are able to tailor their offering to the customer.

Jan Henriksson
Kolster Oy Ab